Deron Williams Dunks or how to increase the vertical jump

Of course, Deron Williams’ physique looks rounder than speedy. But if you’ve ever seen a counterattack from the Jazz, you know the 24-year-old point guard is anything but slow.

Although he is more of a player below the rim, Deron has a diverse offensive game that can give him two points with a float or three with a bomb near the bench. He has a quick first step and a speed that seems to increase beyond the middle of the court. When a defender sees Deron shooting at them with that high but controlled dribble, almost as if the stone were a handball (D’s all-time favorite Jason Kidd), they don’t know whether to defend all three, momentum. or the pass.

“Being deceptive works to my advantage because the guys think they can push me a little bit more and then I pass them. I like to push the ball. It’s a great strength of my game.”

– Deron Williams

In fact, Deron Williams was the big surprise of Chicago’s 2005 pre-draft camp. The Illinois point guard finished 10th out of 80 players, ahead of top prospects like Chris Paul (16th) and Raymond Felton (18th). In case you’re wondering what pre-draft camp is all about, there’s a combination that measures four key areas:

1) strength (185 pound bench press reps),

2) vertical jump

3) lane agility (how fast a player moves laterally around the key)

4) speed (short sprint)

At the forefront of camp there have been significant doubts about Deron Williams’ lateral quickness, but he actually tested faster than Paul (!) In the lane agility drill and finished .03 seconds behind Paul in the sprint. Williams has lost about 15 pounds and has 7% percent body fat, which has obviously helped his athleticism. Here are the full results for all 3 bases:

(Name, bench press, vertical jump, lane agility, court sprint, overall range)

Deron Williams, 15, 35 “, 10.83, 3.25, 10

Chris Paul, 10, 38 “, 11.09, 3.22, 16

Raymond Felton, 6.33 “, 10.50, 3.06, 18

As you can see, Deron Williams has a 35-inch vertical – lo!

But what can YOU do to improve your vertical?

Well, the combination of weight training and jumping may be the most effective yet:

If you are already fit enough, your legs are already quite strong, you can do these exercises with weights 2 times a week (that is, on Monday and Thursday):

1. Squats – 3 sets x 10

2. Calf raises – 3 sets x 10

3. Leg presses – 3 sets x 10

4. Leg extensions: 2 sets x 20

5. Lunges – 3 sets x 10

Also, you can try these jumping exercises (also twice a week, that is, Tuesday and Friday):

1. Squat jumps – 2 sets x 75

2. Chair jumps – 2 sets x 30

3. Depth jumps: 2 sets x 15

4. Box Jumps – 2 sets x 20

Sometimes smartphone apps create phone book conflicts

Smartphone apps can conflict with an in-vehicle technology system, such as Ford Sync. This conflict can affect your ability to access your phone’s contacts when using voice commands. In this “technology workshop” we will address some solutions.

Sometimes when you try to use the Ford Sync system to make a hands-free phone call and the hands-free system may reply, “Calling the point on cell phone …”, the Bluetooth system will go to the first alpha phone contact and it will start by making the phone call. This can be frustrating, but it appears that the problem is not caused by the sync system, it may be caused by your phone and the apps you are using.

With the growing number of smartphone users, there seems to be more and more “problems” when it comes to using Bluetooth-accessible systems, such as the Ford Sync system.

With the increasing number of smartphone users, there seems to be a problem that a user cannot access their phone book contacts. Even though the phone has been successfully paired and the phonebook has been “downloaded” to the system, you still cannot make the call.

For example, in the Ford Sync system, when you press the Voice button on the steering wheel and it says “Phone.” The system responds: “Telephone, enter your command.” Then you say, “Call John Smith on cell phone.” The sync system can respond with “Calling Dot on Cell”. Then he calls the first name that appears in your phone book. What’s the matter?

One thing you need to do is open your contact list and check that all names are entered on the Name line only. Also, be sure to put the person’s last name on the Last Name line. Then enter your phone number in the box that matches the source of the phone, such as Home, Mobile, or Work. Automated systems such as the Ford Sync system cannot “find” a last name if it does not appear in the box to the right. So enter your information in the correct data fields.

This new problem is related to software applications. At least one smartphone application allows you to add emoticons (such as smiley faces, etc.) to your text messages or to your smartphone contacts. The problem is that even an emoticon (or for that matter, strange punctuation marks and symbols used in phonebook data fields) will damage your phonebook to the point where the Sync system cannot interpret any of the phonebook names. your contacts.

Solution: do not use this application with the contacts in your phone book. If you do, you cannot rely on any Bluetooth hands-free system to “find” the contact’s name. You would have to manually dial your contact on your phone while driving, and this defeats the entire purpose of Bluetooth hands-free systems. Or you can remove the application from your phone and go back and edit the smileys, logos, illustrations, symbols, punctuation marks, etc. that you have put in your phone book.

Once you have deleted the superfluous data from your phone’s contact list, you may need to reset your phone. This is usually done by completely shutting down the phone for about a minute and then restarting it. For a phone, such as the iPhone, you may want to do what is called a “soft reset.” Here is a quick video link on a soft reset for the iPhone.

Amway review: the pros and cons of running an Amway business

Amway review

Before I get into this Amway review, let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Biel and I have been involved in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. My summer vacations were spent at network marketing conventions as a child and my parents have been involved with over 20 different companies. I have had a love-hate relationship with this industry which, I believe, gives me the ability to offer a balanced perspective of the companies that I review. I use a simple pro and con evaluation method that is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it helps you confirm any research you’ve already done on Amway.

Pros and cons of Amway Corporate

Pros– Amway is the oldest and largest network marketing company in the world, generating more than $ 9 billion in annual sales. If you decide to start an organization with Amway, you can be sure that the company will not file Chapter 11 and destroy all your hard work.

Cons– Reputation of Amway. Almost everyone has heard of Amway, and those who haven’t will certainly have someone in their life to whom they will gladly offer input. In some respects, Amway has earned its bad reputation due to its swashbuckling marketing techniques, but on the other hand, most people who have a low opinion of them think it is a “pyramid scheme” that gives away their ignorance.

Pros and cons of Amway products

Pros– Amway has a wide range of products including nutritional supplements, cleaning products, and cosmetics. All of their products are well made and would certainly rank in the top 10 for every single product they sell, and many in the top 3. For example, it would be difficult to find a better laundry soap than SA8 and it is considered high efficiency, concentrated and green and has been on the market for decades.

Cons– Although the products are of high quality, most of them are overpriced. Even if they are not overpriced (that is, the quality of the product justifies the higher price) it is difficult to convince people that they should exchange the mail order product they used to buy at the grocery store or Wal-Mart for Half the price. There is also a lot of competition. 90% of other network marketing companies have products that compete with one or more of Amway’s product lines, often at a more attractive price.

Pros and cons of Amway Business.

Pros– The main advantage of doing the Amway business is its commitment to personal development. The level of mentorship is extremely high and they are very focused on building community and support for their Independent Business Operators. Another pro is profit sharing, which is huge, but you have to be a Diamond before you qualify, which less than 1% of IBOs do.

Cons– All personal development costs a fortune. Most of the people I know who started an Amway business quit because they couldn’t afford personal development. The amount of product you must personally consume or sell is also a deterrent, more than $ 500 / month.

Another downside is their marketing approach. People are trained not to tell people that it is Amway and are often told to lie if someone asks if it is Amway. This tactic breeds distrust and resentment and adds to Amway’s bad reputation. Your marketing plan hasn’t been updated in over 21 years. I found an old Amway business plan in my dad’s office from 1989 and it had the exact same plan that a friend of mine presented me with when he tried to get me to join his Amway business in early 2010. Most of it was word for word. . . They have not changed anything to new technologies, the Internet or social networks.

Amway’s compensation plan greatly favors top earners and doesn’t provide a great platform for new people to make money quickly. Dollar for dollar, most other companies do much better. For example, my friend at Amway has an organization that makes about $ 120,000 / month in sales and makes about $ 1500 / month. I have friends at a different company who make $ 60,000 / month in sales for their entire team and make about $ 3,000 / month. That is a 400% difference.

Amway review conclusion

Amway is a great company that helps a lot of people. Everyone in this industry owes them a lot for leading the way to all the other great companies that followed in their footsteps. With that said, I think the time to make big money with Amway is over. There are many good networking companies with comparable products and better compensation plans that would make it easier to build a business. Now, those of you who are passionate about Amway products or the Amway business still can. I know of a guy who sponsors 10 people a week at his Amway business, but he doesn’t follow the corporate business model at all. Use purchased phone contacts and call over 300 people a day!

Why are white oak kitchen cabinets so popular?

There are many variations of the white oak. Most white oaks are actually more of a light brown than white, and antique white oak is an exception. Most very light brown oaks are considered white.

Now why are these colors so popular with homeowners, interior designers, and kitchen designers?

For one thing, it is a neutral color. Neutral colors are very “in” right now in contemporary design because they help bring out the subtleties of furniture and textures.

Often times, the texture components of a space can get lost in the fray. Interior designer education teaches that a neutral background creates a cozy interior when mixed with warm textures like rough wood elements, glossy tiles, knotty bedding, and brushed velvet.

For example, if the walls of a room are painted a bright red, then the striking color will prevail, causing any textural elements to disappear into the background. This can make a room feel unwelcoming by omitting a layered texture design.

Neutral colors do not overwhelm the senses. Most people consider this to be the most important characteristic of neutral colors, they will rarely tire of them. Have you ever painted a room in a bold, bright color? If so, was it a long time before he got tired? Most of the time, the answer to this question is no. Because it is so overwhelming to our senses. It is usually better for shiny things to be subtle, because then they are fired more and as a result their effectiveness increases. With neutral cabinets like white oak, your personal tastes can come to the fore, allowing you to show off your brightly colored appliances or vibrant countertops.

Neutral can be applied in almost any circumstance.

We’ve already gone over why neutral is best for contemporary kitchens and interiors, but one wonderful thing about neutral colors is simply that they work with any style.

In addition to the color scheme, white oak cabinets are popular because they are natural and have a nice texture. One of the goals of contemporary designers is to make things feel natural. For some reason, natural environments seem to bring us peace. Perhaps it is due to our roots as a society, perhaps we yearn to taste what it once was.

Yet another reason white oak is popular is durability. Oak is a strong wood with a lot of structural integrity. Most high-end cabinets are built with the intention of being able to withstand being disassembled and moved from one home to another. After all, if you’re going to spend a lot on quality cabinets, you understandably want to take them with you when you move in.

Truck bed covers increase fuel consumption

In addition to safety, truck bed covers offer a more than 10% increase in fuel economy. This is excellent news with current fuel prices. Studies show that reducing drag due to airflow in the truck bed with a tonneau cover will result in an 11% decrease in drag compared to a truck bed without a cover. Studies also revealed that a canopy actually increases stamina and fuel consumption. Results will vary by vehicle make and model.

This is how it works when the airflow passes through the cab of the truck. The flow separated behind the cab and enters the truck bed, creating a drag if the bed is not covered. Replacing the tailgate with a cargo net results in increased strength compared to removing the tailgate, which had an increase, but not as much as the cargo net. The best method to decrease drag, thus increasing fuel economy, is to install a tarp cover over the truck bed.

Now more options are available for the customer to improve mileage while adding safety and style.

There are conservatively 500,000 covered trucks on the road every day, and based on average gas savings, American saves 60 million gallons of gas per year or about $ 100,000. Studies show that the average truck owner drives 18,000 miles per year. At 15 mpg, that equates to 1,000 gallons of gas. With a minimum savings of 10%, you would save about 120 gallons a year (and many reports show that it is more like 12%). You can see why it wouldn’t take many months for your new truck cover to pay for itself.

Search engine optimization in 2016

The term SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is self explanatory and has already gained more than enough importance in previous years. Now, time has changed and traditional SEO strategies and techniques do not work in current and future years.

According to different experiments and surveys, it is clear that traditional SEO approaches do not have the same impact on website visibility and some of them are already ignored by most of the recommended search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

On the other hand, Google, the most important entity in SEO that always receives a lot of attention from SEO specialists, continually changes its search algorithms and refines its results for a better user experience. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird are just the beginning, Google is yet to come with more algorithms.

Regardless of what we consider, a warning or an alert, we must change our work phenomenon and move to the next level of branding and promotions: User experience.

Similar to web design, SEO also considers user experience as an important factor in getting more visits and a better conversion rate. As of now, SEO is not only used for branding, but it became a better user experience and a better lead generation technique.

Search engine optimization in 2016

As we all know, traditional SEO is a story now, and several SEO specialists They have already improved their strategies according to Google algorithms and updates. But is this act acceptable?

Rapidly changing strategies and techniques, neither a perfect nor an acceptable solution. We need solutions that are rigid enough and worthwhile.

What we have to do in 2016 –

Consider SEO as search experience optimization

In 2016 coming year, we should consider SEO as Search Experience Optimization (SXO) and work accordingly. Whereas previously we prepared our strategies and techniques according to different search engines, now from now on, we must prepare them according to the target audience, which is going to search.

Search engine optimization tends towards optimization of the search experience, which depends solely on the user’s perception of how users will react to a search result or how they will search for a particular query.

Considering Search Experience Optimization (SXO), for branding and promotions, it will tend to higher conversion, better engagement, and more visits, but that’s not so certain. Because what we think is not necessary to always work. So, do more relevant and long-tail keyword research and focus on the user experience rather than the search engine experience.

More content means more visibility

Google’s hummingbird update alerts us that there will be more content in the coming years. The claim “Content is King” comes true and content marketing will lead SEO campaigns. More content means more visibility and more visibility means better coverage.

Content marketing is not a new technique in SEO. SEO specialists We used this from the beginning, but the location and proportions were always varied based on needs and Google updates.

On the other hand, content marketing is a great technique to get more attention, but you need more focus and more commitment when writing genuine and eye-catching content. Content writing involves: eye-catching headlines, proper keyword placement (especially within the first 20 words), keyword density, use of common language, and more.

Content Marketing Contains: PPT and PDF Layouts, Articles, Blogs, Guest Blogs, Classified Ads, etc.

Capture the local market for better business

To increase the reach of a company, rigidity of the foundation is required. And for rigidity, it is essential to capture a sufficient proportion of the local market. Once a business is established in the local market, it is easy for SEO specialists to expand the reach of that business in the international market.

Traditional promotion techniques will work here too, but with a new outfit like: where previously, we usually placed a classified on different portals with the least amount of content and without proper text arrangement, now we need to focus on the correct location, enough. amount of content along with relevant graphics and proper contact details.

SEO works as lead generation

Search engine optimization outperforms pay-per-click in several ways, such as higher visibility, better coverage, and a lower bounce rate. Generally, SEO beginners think of PPC as the backbone of direct leads or lead generation, but that’s not entirely correct.

Lead generation simply depends on better user interaction and experience.

A better user interface tends to get better results

Responsive UI / UX always helps a website get better click-through rate, while different solutions for different platforms always set performance.

Based on the different statistics, it is clear that the user wants a single multi-platform solution, rather than multiple multi-platform solutions. Nowadays, the user accesses everything through their smartphones and if a website is accessed through different devices, they will have a better chance of capturing the attention of a user. Although the content always leads, but we cannot neglect the effectiveness of responsive web design And after the announcement of “Mobilegeddon”, it is an essential aspect to get a better ranking in mobile searches.

Give unusual gifts to your special someone

On this path of life, there are many people we meet in our day to day. There are few who are with us since we arrived on this earth, few are those who are seen only on special occasions. Few are those who are annoying, few are those who worry. But there will always be few in our lives who have a strong impression on our hearts. With whom we always want to spend our time. Such special people deserve special gifts from time to time.

4 ways to get a unique gift for your special someone


Gifts are a great way to express love. This is why we often spend hours searching for the perfect gift. Personalizing a gift with some cute touches would give a special impact that are exclusively for the gifted. So this time when you are looking for a gift; try increasing it by customizing.


Birthdays, vacations, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions are the moments or I prefer to call them opportunities to give to someone we care about. A gift becomes more meaningful if you take the time and do it yourself. Give your friends and family some handmade gifts. They will love them more than store bought ones.


Have you ever wanted to give a gift and didn’t have the time or skills? There are other people in this world who will make gifts for you by hand. There are many websites where artisans sell their crafts online like ETSY, CRAFTFURNISH, ENGRAVE and many more. Give them a visit and see if they have what you are looking for.


Friends or family, children or the elderly, men or women, these days there are very few who do not use gadgets. Electronic devices are commonly used in this generation. Without thinking much about what to buy, one could easily buy a tech gift and impress anyone. It is that easy. There are many types of tech gifts that can be used in everyday life.


Here are some websites where you can find some unique gifts and antiques.

NON-COMMON GOODS is a website that displays a wide range of gifts that are not normally found. There are many categories on this website that sell unique and purposeful gifts for their customers. If you are not very specific about the price, this could be a great option to buy a gift for that special someone.


A very old and trusted ecommerce companion for many people is AMAZON. There is a wide range of gifts available on Amazon. Who knows, if you could spend some time browsing Amazon, you might find something very special and unique. So give it a try before looking for other options.


If you are still confused about what to buy as a gift, here is another ecommerce website that sells some amazing and unique gifts for you at prices ranging from hundreds to thousands.


This is a place for vintage, rustic and very unique online gifts. You want an epic gift or a modern gift; you can find all kinds of gifts here. From weird to awesome, from nice to cool, from funny to smart; This e-commerce website offers its customers every possible gift, big and small, for every occasion you can think of.

7 ideas to take your physical training outdoors

Bored with your current training routine? Tired of driving to the gym to exercise in such good weather? Are you stuck in a fitness routine and looking for new ideas to renew your progress? The warmer weather is here, so why not take your exercise routine outside?

Let’s be honest. Driving 30 minutes to the gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights doesn’t make much sense in good weather. Not to mention, he’s been locked up all winter, he’s very bored with his exercise routine, and hasn’t seen any progress in months.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable. I’m going to share with you some ideas that will get you out of the way, get you interested in training again, and help you experience a level of progress you haven’t seen in years. Interested? I hope you said YES!

In my 10 years in the sport of fitness, I’ve found that I keep coming back to a couple of key points. One: You must try to live to do more from one training session to another. Two: We all need regular variety in your training (for psychological and physiological reasons). Today I’m going to talk about the second point and teach you how getting a little variety in your training can help you get back on the right track. Take a look at these outdoor workout ideas to add some variety to your routine:

1. Take Your Weight Training Outdoors to Mix It Up: During the summer months I really enjoy taking my strength training outdoors. I love taking my weights to the backyard or to the local park. Training with a loved one or a group of dedicated friends is a great way to go. Some of the training tools that work well for outdoor training are kettlebells (shown in the image below; it looks like a large bowling ball with a handle), clubbells (a weighted bat), medicine balls ( fun to throw), sled drag (great for athletes), weighted vest workouts, sandbag training (nothing fancy here, just sand in a bag), and good old dumbbells.

2. Try some interval training to increase fat loss – Look, the “fat burning” zone is a myth. Sure, your body uses fat as an energy source after 30 minutes of continuous exercise at a certain intensity, but sports scientists have shown us that shorter efforts of higher intensity exercise can be even more effective in reducing your percentage. of body fat (have you ever wondered why sprinters are so skinny without running for 30 minutes straight ???). A great way to incorporate interval training into your summer workout can be as simple as warming up for 5-10 minutes and then alternating 30 seconds of more intense effort with 30 seconds of more moderate effort. You can do this on your mountain bike, road bike, doing hill sprints, kayak sprints, jumping rope, track sprints, or even doing bodyweight calisthenics like jumping jacks. Enjoy!

3. Do mini-workouts throughout the day: An easy way to fit in some outdoor workouts is to choose any exercise and take short breaks outside. You can walk out of your office and perform a series of squats, walking lunges, elevated push-ups, stepping up stairs where you skip steps, or even calf raises. Remember: it is your total energy expenditure at the end of the day that is important, not doing it all at once.

4. Get some gardening done: The garden is a mess, so you might as well exercise and be productive at the same time. Try stacking lumber, raking leaves, building a rock wall, digging a hole (you decide what for), walking around with a loaded wheelbarrow, carrying things around the yard on your head, spreading a little mulch around your newly just plants. to place in the hole you dug earlier.

5. Admire the scenery: make the world your gym. Commercial health clubs have nothing on mother nature. Get out and take a walk in the local park, go hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and hit the beach for a run in the sand or jump in the waves. Getting outside can be a great way to adopt a physical lifestyle and add some variety to your current training program.

6. Take Obstacle Walks – A great way to add some variety to your routine is to mix in some bodyweight calisthenics like squats, push-ups, and jumps into your summer walks to increase calorie expenditure and challenge your body. Walking on a treadmill is boring and predictable. Taking a hurdle hike through your local park can be so much more enjoyable, and the “chaos” of walking outside might just be the right variety you’ve been looking for.

7. Get involved in a summer sports league: Playing sports is a great way to add some variety to your routine and have fun doing it. There are hiking clubs, mountain bike clubs, road bike clubs, triathlon training clubs, softball leagues, martial arts tournaments, basketball leagues, and more. In fact, I’m participating in a summer basketball league for the first time in years and can’t wait to start. It’s a great opportunity to get outside, make new friends, and engage in life-enhancing physical activity.

There you have it: 7 ideas for taking your fitness training outdoors and incorporating some variety into your program. One thing to consider is hitting the gym a couple days a week and doing your other workouts outside. Mother Nature has given us some great options, so get out there this summer and take advantage and I’m sure you will see renewed progress (and have fun doing it!).

Train with purpose


Everything you need to know about the Goldendoodle!

Today’s dogs are a very important part of a family environment. They keep us entertained, they put smiles on our faces, they are our children’s best friends, they are there for us to talk when we feel alone and have no one else! They love us unconditionally and bring an abundance of joy and love to the family. I have no doubt that since the beginning of time dogs have been known as man’s best friends!

Goldendoodles are no exception. A golden squiggle is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. Breeders is Australia started breeding this cross in the mid-1980s and North American breeders have been breeding it since the mid-1990s. They were first bred in Australia as guide dogs for people in need of a Biggest, allergy-friendly dog!

Goldendoodles are amazing and healthy family dogs for so many reasons!

First, the mix between a poodle and a retriever gives the squiggle a quality known as “hybrid vigor” (the offspring of genetically different parents), which means that mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier and live longer. than purebreds. This is because most genetic traits are recessive. Golden and Poodles don’t have many diseases in common, so if both parents don’t have a particular trait for a certain disease, puppies can’t get it. This is why many mixed breed dogs, including the goldendoodle, are healthier than purebreds. You still have to choose your breeder carefully and make sure they are running all required health tests, temperament tests, and researching lines thoroughly before breeding your dogs, but in general, mixed breeds are genetically more robust!

Goldendoodles also possess many qualities of both the poodle and the dorado. Most goldendoodles are friendly, highly intelligent and goofy dogs who love to be part of the family. They love to swim, play fetch, and interact with people. They are very sociable dogs and they love to be active and have fun. I have donated dogs as therapy and service dogs and the squiggle excels at this type of work! As a breeder, I hear hundreds of stories about how smart these dogs are and how they are the best of their class of puppies and how they are the best dogs my clients have ever owned.

Most doodles have very low or non-shedding fur. This depends on the dog and the type of coat it has. There are 3 different types of fur, wool (which is a tight curl and the most hypoallergenic), fleece (which is wavy and is generally still very poorly detachable and hypoallergenic) and hair (which is smoother and generally sheds plus). An experienced breeder can usually tell when puppies are 6 to 7 weeks old what type of coat they will have as adults and the breeder will help you find the right puppy for your needs. Goldendoodles’ fur will continue to grow and can be 3-8 inches long if left unclipped. A scribble requires regular brushing or they will tangle and should go to the hairdresser for a clip every 4 months or so!

Goldendoodles also come in many colors and sizes depending on the poodle used. In our kennel we breed blonde, gold, apricot, red, black, silver and ghost squiggles. We also have 3 different sizes, standard (anything over 21 “and 50 pounds and up), mini (13” to 20 “and 25-49 pounds) and small (12” or less 10-24 pounds).

Their life expectancy is usually around 12-15 years for standards and 14-17 years for minis.

Scribbles also come in many different generations and depending on what you are looking for, one generation may be better than another. F1s are a purebred dorado mixed with a purebred poodle. This generation is usually the healthiest and has the most “hybrid vigor” traits. F1b is a backcross and is a goldendoodle bred with a poodle. These types of goldendoodles are usually better for people with severe allergies, as the f1b generally has a curlier coat than an f1 (note that this is not always the case and your breeder will be able to help you with this). F2 is a goldendoodle bred back to a goldendoodle. Puppies in an f2 litter tend not to sway as much in one direction or the other. They seem to be a nice mix between the golden and the poodle (sometimes, but not always in an f1 litter, some puppies will lean more towards a golden, some more towards a poodle and some will be in between), f3 (f3 and above is also known as multigeneration) is y f2 golden doodle with f2 golden doodle and f4 is f3 golden doodle with f3 golden doodle. The more you reproduce them with each other, the more the hybrid vigor trait will be lost. A seventh generation (f7) goldendoodle is eligible for registration as a purebred (this has not been done as far as I know).

As I mentioned before, goldendoodles are healthier than most purebred dogs, but breeders should still run all tests on parents. Better to wait for a good quality puppy from a great breeder than to support careless breeders who just want to raise as many puppies as possible without worrying about the breed as a whole.

If you buy your golden doodle puppy from a one-time breeder, you can end up with many health problems and expensive veterinary bills.

Necessary tests for breeding golden retrievers

1. Hips (HD) OFA or Pennhip or OVC

2. eyes (CERF) Required annually

3. Hearts … tested and certified by OFA

4. Elbows (OFA)

Necessary tests for breeding standard poodles

1. Hips (HD) OFA or Pennhip or OVC

2.OFA elbows

3. Eyes (CERF) required annually

4. Von Willebrands (vWd) DNA or blood test (bleeding disorder)

5. Sebaceous adenitis (SA) skin disorder

* Thyroid malfunction: not required, but highly recommended for all breeding dogs.

Necessary tests for the breeding of miniature and toy poodles.

1. Hips for HD and Legg-Perves disease OFA, Penn hip or OVC

2. Knees to dislocate the patella

3. Eyes (CERF) required annually

4. Blood or DNA test for Von Willebrands disease (vWd)

* Thyroid malfunction: not required, but highly recommended for all breeding dogs.

I have given you a brief description of the squiggle. If you have any further questions about this breed, you can visit my website. These dogs are becoming very popular and I have no doubt why. They are amazing with children and can live in almost any type of environment. The best way to describe these amazing dogs is “Little People in Fur Coats.”

What’s the Difference: Buying vs. Investing in Residential Property?

Are you looking forward to improving your standard of living? Everyone probably knows that buying a new home with modern features opens the way to the lifestyle of our dreams. We tend to choose a home built by a reputable builder in a better location that meets today’s conveniences. Therefore, when it comes to the advent of a new way of life, buying a new home is the first step that most of us tend to take.

However, is this the only thing you can expect from a residential property? Why not start investing in residential properties and enjoy the benefits of it?

With the purchase of an apartment, the ownership of the new house is secured. However, investing in residential property generates passive income. Whether you are investing in a residential apartment in Kolkata or elsewhere, choose a property that will potentially guarantee you a high rate of return.

You should check the growth quotient of the region where you plan to invest in a residential property. If the region lacks signs of growth or promise, this will become a long-term financial burden. On the contrary, a good investment, such as investing in residential flats in Kolkata in various regions (such as Madhyamgram, Serampore, Tollygunge, Rajarhat, EM Bypass, etc.) will generate income from mortgage payments, tax costs, repairs, etc. through tenants. It could become an essential channel for building wealth if you come up with the perfect wealth plan. your planning is going well.

Here’s what you need to know about buying and investing in a residential property.

Buying and investing: understanding the concept

Residential properties comprised of a defined area of ​​land consisting of apartments or a separate house built for individuals or families to inhabit. These should not be used for commercial or industrial purposes. These spaces are essentially reserved for occupational purposes and involve residential use for a long period of time.

On the other hand, an investment property can be a long or short term investment. If we consider the short-term duration, the concept of ‘turning around’ a house appears. In this case, the property is bought and remodeled or renovated and sold for a higher price.

Income can also be generated by owning the property and renting it to others, or by selling the property at a time when the value has appreciated. For example, if you buy a house in Kolkata close to the airport, good schools and universities, the property price will automatically be high.

Apart from that, these are the characteristics that differentiate the two:

Buying a residential property

Invest in a residential property

Choose the right property

It provides better standards of living along with meeting the requirements of family members.

Long-term investment

Full ownership

Possible challenges: lengthy bank payments, poor connectivity, poor location advantages, etc.

Generate passive income

It adapts to the growth of a region which, in turn, increases the value of a property for income from rental or property sales.

It can be a short or long term investment

The landlord enjoys ownership of the property

Possible challenges: Uneven income stream, property value could fall, liability for repair and maintenance costs, etc.

We can explain this by taking a metropolitan city as an example. For example, if you think of Kolkata, you will come across a large number of residential projects. Therefore, whether you are buying a home in Kolkata or investing in property, it is essential to do a full scan of the region you are specifically targeting. Whether in the north or south of Kolkata, it is always necessary to know which areas will give you the best advantages to meet your requirements.

Make all the arrangements, do your research, and treat yourself to the best living space. –