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Who we are?

Established in May 2014, GRhombus Consulting have made a mark in the end-to-end Software Development and DevOps including manual, automation, and security testing. Over time, GRhombus established itself as a pioneer in Data Visualization, IoT Testing, and Salesforce Development and Testing on Cloud. Driven by the guidance of experts with more than 25 years of industry experience, the GRhombus family is now expanded to over 200 members. We our team of experts, we serve clients in Europe, UK, USA, and the Middle East. Committed to nourishing long-term relationships with our clients, we are dedicated to ensuring an uninterrupted flow of delivery all the time. Our highly dedicated team ensures that this is done to every single project, even when we are dealing with multiple projects at a time.

What we do?

Financial Services

We help our Banks and FinTech clients to meet the market demands, technological shifts, and regulatory compliance with robust, secure, and efficient end-to-end solutions across all touch points in the ecosystem.


We empower academic institutions to simplify learning and overcome challenges with respect to domain knowledge, cost optimization, evolving technology, and problem diagnostics.

Life Science

We offer innovative software solutions catering to diverse players such as hospitals, clinical labs, pharma, healthcare services, diagnostic centers, etc.


We transform multi-channel retailers to improve their sales, profitability, and customer experience.


We enable Telecom and Broadband industry to scale up to meet the ever-growing demands for seamless communication.


We simplify events management for global enterprises with robust and flexible solutions from start to finish.

Why GRhombus?

Approachable management

Over 2 decades of diversified domain expertise.

Certified experts and professionals recognized by the global clients.

Client endorsed quality services.

Dedicated resources and excellence.

Adaptability to the latest technology trends.

Customer budget oriented optimized solutions.

Any time zone, round the clock availability.

Our core values

Excellence in Quality. Doing the right things right.

We transform innovation into service that creates value.

Great place to work with an engaged workforce leading to customer success.

Work together to achieve customer goals.

Emphasis on long term business relationships.

Continuous learning and understanding of unique knowledge, behaviour and skills.

Understand and accept the consequences of actions in responsible areas.

Respect different cultures.


Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Herndon, VA, USA

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