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Things to do in Sylhet

Sylhet tour is now easier than ever with the guides provided on this website. Beautiful Sylhet City is located in north- eastern Bangladesh on the bank of River Surma.

Travellers can easily reach Sylhet by Air, Train or Bus, departing daily several times from and to Dhaka, as well as Chittagong.

We provide tourist information to help one plan their perfect vacation in Sylhet, from maps/directions to recommending delicious restaurants and finding one perfect accommodations in Sylhet.

Bholaganj SadaPathor
Bisnakandi Sylhet
Lalakhal Shari River
Bholaganj SadaPathor Bisnakandi Sylhet Lalakhal Shari River Footer

Sylhet Tourist Places

Holiday Destination

Rainforest Hike

Explore rainforest visiting Khadimnagar National Park near Sylhet City and Lawachara National Park in Sreemangal.

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Waterfall & River

Find beautiful waterfall in Jaflong and Madhabkunda. Experience awesome boat ride in Piyain River, Jaflong and Shari River’s aquamarine water in Lalakhal.

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Green Tea Garden

For Green lovers! Visit Tea Gardens ... Miles after miles, all you see green trees. Closest gardens are on the Airport road and Khadimnagar.

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Sylhet City

Discover Sylhet

Many tourist places and visiting places can be found in and around Sylhet City. A visit to Sylhet would not be complete without seeing tropical forests and tea gardens, many of which can be visited as a day tour, surround the city. Tourist attractions outside the city include Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bisnakandi, Bholaganj SadaPathor, Jaflong, Lalakhal,  Khadimnagar Rain Forest, Sreemangal and many more! Activities include hiking, boat trips, camping, local cooking and visiting local tribes.